Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion Muse: MKA + little sis Elizabeth

 Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have always been iconic to me. I have loved them from their days as Michelle on Full House, through their tween years as the stars of their own movies, books and clothing-line, and as 24-year olds, I still admire them, but more so in a style-sense.

Although twins, it is apparent that the two have their own unique taste in fashion. Yes, they both never seem to be without their oversized, Jackie O-like sunglasses, or their handbags that are large enough to carry a Great Dane as opposed to the usual Chihuahua (okay maybe not quite that large...). But there is quite a stark difference in their personal style. 

MKA with those trademark sunglasses

While I have generally leaned towards the fashion-choices of Ashley, both are admirable in their own way.

While Mary-Kate breathes a bohemian, laid-back look...

Boho Mary-Kate

Ashley appears to opt for a more classic, tailored style.

Classic Ashley

I am sometimes doubtful of whether people really can "express themselves" through their clothing, but I definitely think it applies to MKA. You only need to watch a clip on YouTube of the two to see that their personal-fashion is reflective of their mannerisms, personality and even their voices. I don't think it's a coincidence that Mary-Kate landed herself a role on the television show Weeds!

(See for their interview on Ellen in 2010)

However, I think their newest competitor may be their very own little sister - Elizabeth Olsen. With her recent emergence into the acting scene, the 21 year old has also brought a spotlight onto herself outside of filming (notably as the younger sibling of the famous twins, who might I say, looks incredibly similar to them).

Elizabeth Olsen
 Style: a combination of her older sisters

A fresh, smiling face in Hollywood - Elizabeth is definitely one to look out for!
Different, but she hasn't forgotten her Starbucks!

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