Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to: make a button wrist cuff!

The infamous button cuff!
Just a small post from me today - something that anyone can make!

About a year or two ago, my great aunty made this incredible looking bangle. It was unique, slightly kitsch yet completely awesome as it was made entirely from a piece of elastic and buttons.

I have received so many compliments on it, and although it is not my piece of work, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing it with you.

You know those spare buttons that you get when you buy a new top or jacket? I don't know if you keep yours or not, but I keep mine in a cluttered mess in my desk draw. But now you have a way of keeping them altogether incase you do actually need that spare button, yet you can make a really unique accessory at the same time.You can make them colour themed, or basically just sew on any button that you have, which is what I have ended up doing.

Just use some wide black elastic and measure it around your wrist, making it just slightly larger in circumference. You don't need to make it too large because being elastic, you'll be able to stretch it over your hand anyway. Hand sew your spare buttons onto the elastic, then sew the ends of the elastic together and there you have it, a button-covered cuff! I started making my own one, and although it looks no where near as good as my great aunty's, I'll keep adding to it as I collect more spare buttons.

Still a long way to go...


Sophia said...

Wow, that is quite innovative! Very cool! Though I'm not a very wrist-wear person, they do look very cool. It's a very 'festival' outfit when teamed with Docs, a simple white tee and cut-offs. Cool! :)

Laura said...

Yes quite the creative great aunt I have!
I'm not much of a wrist-wearing person either, but this definitely is one of those statement pieces :)
Like the festival suggestion - would work nicely.