Saturday, February 12, 2011

"It’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one."

The good old Indy and his satchel

It's the question on every school leavers lips. Some have eagerly delved headfirst, assured of their choice and plummeted straight to the purchase. For others, we've been putting it off, unsure if our final decision will be the right one.

It's one heck of an important decision to make. Will it classify us as preppy, as health-conscious or as eminently fashionable? A tag that could bind us for the rest of our university days...

I'm only kidding of course, though many of us can relate. I honestly thought I was the only one who seemed to think it mattered, though so many people I know have pondered on the same issue: 

What bag will I be taking to uni?!

Now I know that we would think that this would primarily be an issue for the ladies, but for any guys reading this, you can't deny that this thought hasn't crossed your mind sometime or another. For 13 years, many of us have had a backpack that we've taken to school five days a week, four terms a year. It's seen everything, from rammed in textbooks, sticky throat lozenges and three-week old squashed sandwiches. The only time we've actually had to think about what bag to take was on the rare school excursion, where we became excited at the thought of flaunting our brand-new aqua Billabong backpack, an item that would cause much oohing and aahing amongst our classmates (I'm hoping no one can relate to this from their senior years at school - intended for primary school reminiscing only!).

I was originally one of those who was set on one thing only, and that was a satchel. They oozed sophistication yet were preppy and dare I say, slightly alternative in my mind. One look at me and people would think I was a hard-working journalist student who casually threw a satchel on her shoulder as she chased after potential stories, notebook in hand. Yep, I was going to be like the young writer Sophie in Letters to Juliet, my brown leather satchel complete with a matching brown leather-band watch (don't worry, I already have the watch situation sorted - similar but with a white leather-band. Don't be jealous now.)

The desired "Postman Bag" Satchel

Sending her the links of my favourite satchels from Topshop, my lovely friend JT had said she would find me my ultimate satchel, but that it would of course be a fraction of the cost because she was bargain hunting in Hong Kong. 

But my dreams were thrown into a state of utter confusion when I mentioned my intention to some of my friends. They burst out laughing and immediately were fixated on quoting the Indiana Jones satchel line from the movie, The Hangover (see title). 

Since then, I have been reviewing my options intensely. I've cancelled the satchel request (though thanks JT for going on an epic hunt - sadly she couldn't find one large enough to fit my Macbook baby), and with 15 days to go until uni starts, the search begins once again. 

I think there are three main options at stake here (I do have a tendency to list everything in threes in my posts incase you hadn't already noticed).

1. The Satchel

2. The Backpack

3. The Oversized Handbag

For me, I've been able to immediately knock number two off the list. I am yet to find a backpack that I like, but feel free to prove me wrong. I think if you're a sporty type and can manage one of those mini backpacks, it looks fine, but I personally am just not a backpack-lover to say the least.

I can cross the Oversized Handbag off the list as well, because although I still think it is an option, I certainly don't have to go looking for one. I bought a large handbag years ago on sale from Sportsgirl and it's been my number 1 handbag since - its insides large enough to challenge Mary Poppins bag. It's bright red, has quilting, gold chain straps and a tassle... need I say more?

I take it everywhere :)
So I'm back to the beginning with one thing to search for - that enviable satchel I am yet to find. Not too big but large enough to fit my uni necessities, preferably leather, either black or tan, two buckles - no more, no less, and a strong, sturdy strap. I don't think that's too much to ask for, is it? ;)

P.S. Credit to Chloe B for the idea for this post! It's a question bound to be on all of our minds, so better we deal with it sooner rather than later. 

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