Thursday, February 10, 2011

No hat, no play

If you're like me, you've probably never been much of a fan of hats.

In Kindy, I was one of the kids who refused to look like a dag in one of those caps with the flaps, and continually tucked it up (rebel, I know). 

In high school, the brim of my felt winter hat permanently sat up as opposed to obeying my many attempts to make it point downwards. 

And then there was the field trip in my final year of school, where although it was admittedly VERY cold, I cannot be forgiven for wearing the beanie that suggested I was the long-lost twin of Marcus from the movie About a Boy.

My beanie twin

To add further insult to injury, I wore jeans and joggers. More than once. But that is another story altogether. 

Anyway, I suppose what I am trying to say is that hats needn't be the objects of fashion-misery any longer. With Summer days exceeding temperatures of 40 degrees, it's so important to protect your skin. 

Perhaps you don't want to go to the extreme that myself and two other friends went to whilst on our post-school celebratory beach holiday, whereby we sat huddled together on the beach with a towel held over our heads. A bit of sun is always good!

So once again, I suggest moderation. Invest in a non-greasy suncream that has a high SPF factor (I've found the Banana Boat Sport suncream really good), don't sit with your back to the sun in a singlet top (you'll be regretting it later) and slap on a hat.

This does not mean you have to resort to a lawn-bowls-style terry-towelling bucket hat, or your Roxy trucker cap that you thought was the best thing ever invented when you were 10 (but by no means let me stop you if they are what floats your boat!).

Summer has introduced some fantastic styles of hats that will keep your face from becoming beetroot-red, but will simultaneously avoid any embarrassment!

Here are my top three styles for Summer:

1. The Straw Fedora

This hat has been in for quite some time now but it has definitely gained popularity and diversified in recent times. You can have it plain or can choose from a variety of coloured and patterned bands around the crown. I personally cannot pull this style off, as I'd feel like I was intruding on the surfie-almost-hippie culture, but if you feel confident in one, I'd say go for it. Just make sure you choose straw and not felt, or you could be looking like a bit of a grandpa.

A Roxy Fedora

2. The Boater

Usually reserved to be squished by the bullies at boys private schools, the boater has made an appearance outside the classroom. They have become less formal and exude a preppy, nautical style that would go perfectly with a pair of tan leather brogues on your tootsies. I myself bought a small straw round-brim boater from Sportsgirl earlier this Summer - definitely a cute addition to my wardrobe with its navy blue and white polka dot band around the crown.

The preppy boater (image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman)

3. The Floppy Hat - my new-found favourite

I bought a floppy hat years back from Equip, insisting to my mum that I would wear it and that we could not give it up as it was such a bargain. Let's just say, it's sat in my wardrobe for quite some time now. 

But, it did see sunlight finally this Summer and although I was a bit embarrassed at my sun-safe hat upon its first exhibition, I rarely leave the house to go on trips without it. I have come to love this hat for a number of reasons:

a) It has a massive brim that not only protects my face, but even my back and shoulders. I am not joking when I say it cools you down instantly by at least 5 degrees.

b) It's malleable enough to avoid hat-hair (especially dreadful in Summer where your hair is already sticking to your head and does not need further encouragement by a tight hat to plaster it down in strands on your forehead. Yuck!). It's also one of those squishy ones that you can fit into your bag and not have to worry about possibly deforming.

c) You get looks from people as though you're someone famous. Just put on a big pair of black sunnies and let the shady hat give you a mysterious yet important air about you. It works, trust me.

A current Sportsgirl floppy hat - $29.95

So there you have it. Hats aren't so daggy after all. 

Just make sure I get my priorities sorted for Winter before I go putting on any ear-muffling beanies...


Where's Willson said...

hahahaha laura I love hats =) LOOOVE HATS!!! I have a hat that makes me feel like im Jane Austen... sadly I did not bring it with me =( But if you need any help with beanies, that is all I wear here... so I can tell you what beanies everyone wears in Edinburgh.. actually they are much like Marcus's one ;) also.. is your boater hat the one which i wore?? And decided i was madeline?? Because I LOVE that hat =) xx

Laura said...

Oh no! You'll have to get someone to post it over to you :)
I'm going to avoid beanies and go more for the beret look this winter I think.
And yes, the boater is the madeline one! :)