Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A small note of encouragement

I was drifting off into my own world today, as I so often do, thinking about the deep and meaningful matters that concern our everyday existence on this planet...

I'm only joking, it wasn't that philosophical.

Still, it was something that got me thinking. Fashion-wise, that is.

It was about how so many of us follow trends. I myself know that I am a sucker for the trends that our media tells us are "in". And I don't think it's that much of an issue either; I don't think that following trends necessarily connotes that we are all sheep that can't help but follow another. I know that deep down, we all have our own sense of personal aesthetic. We have our own likes and dislikes, and if you want proof, just go shopping with three other friends. There might be things that you all agree are nice, but most of the time, your excitement at one item is often met by a less-than-enthusiastic "Oh... cool..." by one of your shopping pals.

But back to the main point - I know we all aren't monotonous fashion-wearing victims that many of the male species so often perceive us as. We just want to look good, simple as that. If we see the latest grunge rock 'n roll trend on our favourite celebrity, our minds immediately think Wow. That looks fantastic on her. Note to self: buy high lace up boots next time at the shops.

Taylor Momsen's grunge-look was never going to be my cup of tea...

I've had this exact idea in my mind for some time now. Winter is coming and new boots are on the agenda. But, instead of being in the 95% of girls that look great in this trend, I'm in that 5% that not only looks, but feels slightly macho in these military boots. Major disappointment. This has also happened to me with a floral maxi dress, which although looked fantastic on the mannequin, made me look like I was wearing an old, tea-stained, overly-frilly curtain. Not what I was hoping for.

But how about if we look at things in a different light. You know that mid-calf skirt that 95% of girls look terrible in? You may also be in the "other" 5%, but for a good reason! Not everything suits everyone, and this applies to celebrities and models too. We all have different body shapes, different colouring (is it weird that I'm listening to Michael Jackson's Black or White right this second?) and different personalities. I'm sounding like a bit of a mum, but I think it's so true. Just because Jersey Shore's Snooki somewhat resembled a bird in a feathered frock doesn't mean you will too.

Half oompa-loompa, half bird...

So don't fret if short, black bandage dresses aren't your thing (they certainly aren't mine). You don't have to ignore trends by any means, but don't be afraid to open up your eyes and look around. Mix a bit of weird and wacky with the norm - you'll never know if you don't give it a go! 


Amy said...

I really like this post. Myself: would not look good in even Louboutin thigh-highs and I HATE jeans and most pants

Laura said...

Thanks Amy :)
Yess I don't think thigh highs would even do up on me!
I hated pants with an absolute passion until recently, but I found a pair of kinda crazy cream/black patterned pants from Forever New and they are SO comfy!
On the whole though, I can sympathise with the dislike of pants!

Sohan said...

BOOTS. ive seen people wear them for so long and i totally bought some the other day. not sure they're THAT flattering on me but oh well... i like them!