Friday, February 11, 2011

You smell... in a good way!

Nicole Kidman in that epic 2004 Baz Luhrmann advertisement for Chanel No 5

Let's just face it - everyone likes to be complimented.

You may like to carelessly shoo away comments that your eyes are as dreamy as the big blue ocean, or that your teeth gleam brighter than the sun (I am yet to receive such compliments... could be any day now...), but deep down, you are completely chuffed.

But what about those comments that you aren't sure if they are supposed to be taken as a compliment, such as the exclamation from a distant relative that "You've lost weight!".
And although smiling awkwardly, you're thinking: I didn't know there was weight that needed to be lost in the first place. Awesome.

So what about when someone says you smell great? I suppose that's one of those confused reaction situations as well, because now you're thinking: Did I smell that bad before? Oh dear.

I've been told twice by the same person that I smell nice. On one occasion, I smelt like washing powder, and on the other, I smelt like "English class". Yes V, I am talking about you. But if that's the worst I've been told, I suppose it isn't too bad.

Away from school uniforms, I now have the opportunity to start fresh (pardon the pun). Please don't think that the issue here is personal hygiene; I promise you, it's all under control. 

In fact, there is no real "issue" at stake. Just the idea that with a squirt of perfume on your wrists and neck, you can add a touch of elegance to your everyday routine (and furthermore, perhaps be complimented for something more than the washing powder on your clothes).

So here are my top 3 all time favourites!

1. Miss Dior Cherie 
Smells like... floral fun with a smidge of sophistication.
But technically? Bigarade (bitter) orange, gardenia, white musk, patchouli, caramel, dry woods.
Why? You know how everyone begins to develop their key scent as they grow older? I think this will be mine. Originally bought for a friend's 18th birthday present, I fell in love myself. It's one of those perfumes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere, and that is a more sophisticated version of a younger, fruity and flirty scent. And who can surpass a perfume that is the modern-day ancestor of the original Miss Dior in 1947?! Major props to John Galliano and Christian Dior himself.

2. DKNY Delicious Night
Smells like... a warm Summer evening in the city.
But technically? Frozen pomelo, crushed ginger, chilled blackberry martini accord, purple freesia, night-blooming orchids, satin jasmine petals, purple iris, molten amber, incense, myrrh extract, patchouli and velvet vetiver. Their words, not mine.
Why? This perfume is an unusual one and is unique from the array of floral scents on the market. It's dark and mysterious, but don't let me make you think I mean cigarettes-and-booze dark. I mean a light, sultry scent for the girl out on the town.

3. First by Van Cleef and Arpels
Smells like... an evening at the theatre.
But technically? Twinkling notes of blackcurrant, a centre of Bergamont (a type of citrus fruit), jasmine, narcissus and aldehyde, and topped off with notes of sandalwood and vanilla.
Why? Classic and timeless. The elegant floral scent is rich and feminine. And plus, it reminds me of my mum :)

Some final tips to finish on:

# Try not to go overboard with the spraying. You don't want someone to think you poured it over your head. Just a bit on your wrists, your neck and if you want, even a tiny bit on the back of your legs behind your kneecaps.

# Don't rub your wrists together because it defeats the purpose - it breaks up the molecules, so just dab a bit onto each wrist separately.

# Opt for the single bottles to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Perfumes aren't cheap by any means, and although those Marc Jacob Daisy gift packs at Christmas time are incredibly alluring and are great presents, you are probably more likely to use the perfume as opposed to the accompanying body butter, so it's best to just choose the singular bottle. The gift packs also have a lot of excess packaging which although make the perfume look quite impressive, they are wasteful once opened because you have no option but to throw it out. 

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