Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are festival fashions going too far?

I'm back. Yes, I know I have been a major slacker in terms of this blogging business, but uni has become crazier than expected. 

Let's just say the workload (including chasing randoms, proclaiming that I am a "freelance journalist"... don't you just wish you could say that?!) compensates for the lack of hours I have face-to-face at uni.

So amidst my 2 uni blogs, an essay on witches, pestering the council for information for an article all of us first year kids know will most likely be slaughtered, and a fair chunk of reading, I am sitting down to write something; the latest post in nearly two weeks (see my sad looking archives down the bottom of the page).

I've also been putting it off because it feels wrong posting something so trivial in comparison to the aftermath that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami have left in Japan. I think the whole thing reminds us that whilst our lives may seem important and problems may seem big, it is likely to be very small in comparison to the suffering of others, particularly in Japan, Christchurch and Queensland at the moment.

With that in mind, I am going to post a mere observation of mine that I noticed in relation to the Future Music Festival the other day to keep my three friends who "religiously" check this page, happy. Thanks guys :)

Without ostracising myself indefinitely as a seriously uncool person, I am fascinated by the fashion that festival-goers have evolved into wearing.

Lindsay Lohan @ Coachella Music Festival, California 2010

I understand that jumping up and down in a large pack undoubtedly makes you very hot and sweaty, thus you need to dress accordingly. But does that mean that you need to wear a pair of cut-off denims that don't even cover your bottom, and a singlet cut-away so much that you have some obvious side-boob action going on? True story but I'm sure that wouldn't surprise you.

I don't want to sound like an old-fashioned prude, but I personally think there should be a line where you know you should stop. It's becoming almost like a cult where you know if you didn't dress in this way (though not necessarily to this extent), you would feel quite the odd one out.

As they say, if you've got the legs, flaunt them. Just not to the extent where your shorts are so short that you defeat the purpose of wearing them.

Ciao until next time (which could possibly be a while...).

P.S. I'm putting a poll at the bottom of this page regarding this post. Interested to hear what you think!


Where's Willson said...

good point... but im curious what you think one should wear to a festival - because im going to T in the Park and have no idea what to take =P

also can you do a post on the Royal Ascot... Megs, chloe and I are going and i have no idea what to wear!!!

thanks laura ;) love reading your blog!!!

Emma said...

Laura i didn't know you had a blog!!!
just came across it
great post x