Saturday, April 23, 2011

A little book of inspiration

If like me, you are a magazine addict, you'll know that after a while, they start to pile up. As much as I'm sure I would have loved to have looked back on the Barbie magazines I had as a kid, some things just have to go. 

A Harpers Bazaar magazine I bought a couple of years back came with a little book with a black felt embossed cover, full of blank pages to fill. Whilst it saddens me to throw out my mags, I now stick my favourite pics into this book. It saves a lot of room and it's so great to have all inspiring pics in one place. Some people suggest using an exercise book, but quite frankly, I find them too boring and uninspiring in themselves, so try and find a notebook you love for yourself.

This little beauty always has me flicking through the pages. Here are a few pages from my book.

On another note, today has been rather dark and rainy, so what better way to kick off the fast approaching winter than with a cup of tea, some cosy boots and my dearest latest issue of Frankie magazine in a comfy armchair. True love.

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