Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sewing fuelled by chocolate

Though Easter has been fairly low-key in our household, I still awoke to find a little trail of yummy Cadbury chocolate eggs in the kitchen - thanks Mum...I mean, Easter Bunny. And it was much needed because today I set the goal of finishing that blue skirt. Remember that dress that was my first post about Vinnies on here? It's only taken me about 2 months to get around to making (and even though the fast approaching winter dictates I probably won't be wearing it for a while), but it's finally done!

You can see my post about the dress here, and the post about the jacket I made from it here.

To start off, who can resist a Home Improvement re-run on TV to keep them company?

Yep, the sewing machine has permanently stolen the dining room table.

For anyone interested in how the skirt came to be, here's what I did.

Back in February when I made the jacket half, all I did was unpick the top half from the bottom half.

Today I needed to take it in around the waist as there was far too much fabric, so I took in 10cm from either side, and curved it into the seam with a 15cm dart (sorry for those who have NO idea what I am talking about, but all I really mean is that I took it in from the top, and instead of taking it in all the way down the length of the dress, I curved it around to the edge 15cm down the seam. If you can see the yellow pinhead on the right of the fabric in the photo below, you can kind of see what I mean).

This probably wasn't the best method of doing things, but to make the waist band, I took this coloured piece of ribbon and measured it around my waist, cutting it off to the correct length. Then, I turned the skirt inside out and folded over the raw edge (this is where the ribbon would be placed). As there is so much fabric in the skirt, it meant I had to gather the fabric to the length of the waistband, so I went along, pinning so that the bunching was fairly even all the way around.

I sewed this into place, and then flipped the edge over again so that the ribbon was encased inside the fabric, sewing this into place. This was where the workmanship became a little dodgy as you would usually hand-sew this into place so that you didn't see the machine stitch on the right side of the fabric. However, as the thread is blue, you can't really see it, and as the fabric is quite bunchy, the machine stitching is much stronger to hold it in place than hand-sewing would be.

Below is a photo of the zip I used. I would've usually gone for a royal blue zip considering the colour of the fabric, but as this was a rather spontaneous project for the day, this aqua zip was the best I could find. If it makes it any better, the aqua actually matches the colour of the flowers on the fabric :)

Once this was sewn in, I hand-sewed in a hook and eye to catch in the top of the zip so it wouldn't gape. Although the skirt was originally meant to be a longer, "maxi" skirt, in reality, it was quite an awkward length, so I took up about a 10cm wide hem on the bottom and hand-stitched this into place. 

And finally, here's the finished product! The fabric has a beautiful flow to it and you can't see it in the photo, but there is pleating in the fabric which looks fantastic.

And just to finish off this picture/writing heavy post, who can forget the Fanta spider that kept me going? Yep, I can already feel my teeth rotting but it was well worth it!

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