Saturday, April 2, 2011

"You see these red wine lips?"

Actress Camilla Belle adds some old Hollywood glamour to her look.

J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye has proven to embody ideas that have outlasted my study of it as a related text for last year's HSC English. 

Although many would doubt that Holden's endless bouts of swearing would have any relevance to our own lives (though I'm sure some would like to argue me on that point), without going too deep and meaningful on you, his sense of adolescent confusion is something I'm sure myself and many of my peers can relate to.

Like Holden, we're at that stage where we are technically not children (though Holden was at 17 years of age... but close enough!), but we're still teenagers. We were the kings of all the school-kids not so long ago, but now we're the first-year "babies" at uni. How are we supposed to act? To look? To dress?

Though not something at the top of everyone's concerns, make-up and cosmetics also come into play - more specifically, red lipstick (quoting Lisa Mitchell's lyrics in the title did have a point!)

For me, the good old red lippie was something usually reserved for those crazy old cat ladies that take their application of lipstick a little too high up from the edges of their mouths. Or clowns for that matter.

The stunning Margherita Missoni

But in recent times, it has become the epitome of youthful chic. More and more, I was seeing how incredible it looked on friends. Simple hair and smoky eyes, the red lip really added a glamourous 'pop'.

Lauren Young, 18, (or should I say, the red lipstick queen) agrees with the idea that red lippie can really spice up an outfit.

"I find that adding a splash of red lipstick to an otherwise simple outfit (say a simple black dress) adds an extra element to an outfit, an extra bit of 'wow-factor'.

"Red lipstick is also great when you're going out for your second/third night out on the town, when you tend to have "tired" eyes, as all the attention is drawn to your lips, which look fuller and "poutier", which adds a bit of sex appeal."

Emma Dowsett, 18, is also one of the growing number of teens popularising red lipstick. Although she says it's more of an "occasional thing", she highlights that this in itself keeps people guessing, "bringing an element of surprise to whatever you're wearing!"

"When you go out it's something that sets you apart, and has the additional benefit of adding a little 'Coco Chanel Rouge' chic to any outfit."

And so seems to be the trend after the 2010 advertisement of the product in a commercial starring Vanessa Paradis. Who wouldn't want to add a little Chanel class to their look?

The ad campaign for Chanel's Rouge Coco

Once a sceptic, I think I am now a convert. It's not something I plan to be parading down the street with in my trackie pants, but choosing the right shade really can add some glamour to any evening look. 

Just keep it simple to avoid anyone thinking you belong to the circus. Let your lips do the talking!

P.S. As usual, a poll at the bottom to let me know what you think. Are you a fan of the red lippie?


Amy said...

I adore red lipstick. Now that I live in Sydney, it seems a lot more common. Port Macquarie was very laid back in a lot of ways, including style/make-up. Needless to say, the red lip can look effortless, yet at the same time, wonderfully bold.

You write wonderfully, by the way.

Carla said...

i love the red lipstick look! but unfortunately i don't think it suits me :(