Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The typical (female) uni student

As we delve into the colder months, there is a certain style that radiates amongst a large majority of uni students. I think it’s largely to do with the areas I’m around (hello indie writers and artsy designers), but there certainly is that boho (and for some, slightly hobo) look taking hold of our campus.

Let me explain.

To start things off, we have the leggings. Now don't get me wrong, I actually love printed leggings, but as a mere observation, students are usually flaunting a pair of dusty floral or black/white pattern pair, reminiscent of Ksubi street/grunge styles.

(Source: Golestaneh - Street Style)

Then we have the oversized knitted sweater, usually with a lot of holes to either a) create an effortless style that looks like it’s just been casually thrown on, or b) remind the rest of the world that you are a uni student who is lacking in funds. Or both. Mustard and off-cream are the common colours.

Hair is long and wavy (this makes me jealous), and on occasion, paired with a knitted beret.

And feet… combat boots. All I can think of is Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries when I hear those two words. 

Effortlessly boho or copycat hobo? I’m uncertain but don’t think I didn’t hear about those UTS students sourcing their meals from local dumpsters…

What styles are you finding common at your uni? I’m interested to hear, especially if you're from a different faculty (come on budding scientists!)


Sohan said...

i am totally looking for the knit jumper and barret, already have combat boots but i dont really go for the patterned leggings as of yet... who knows, they may grow on me. :P

Frances said...

I'm loving this winter season and the palette-very my style. However I like a cleaner more tailored look, so the oversized knits are a bit...meh.

I also really love the boot styles this winter so I'm happy to see them in all the shops. Other things I live that are "in": colour blocking, elbow patches and hood scarves. Hate hipster glasses though.eurgh.

Laura said...

What are hipster glasses?! I'm fascinated. I like the elbow patches too - bit of authentic Grandpa taste (that doesn't make it sound that great...)

I'm kind of so-so about the oversized knit jumpers. I bought a chunky knit cardi that looks like a jumper when done up with the press studs, but it doesn't really fit this trend as such I don't think!

Sophia said...

I LOVE Winter fashion! Ahhhhhhh!!! :)

Jeweled tones, trenches, boots, printed socks, berets, oversized knits ... just thinking about all this has been salivating.

em. said...

Ahh you're so right. Seeing all of those trends everywhere at the moment!
I can't get into the patterned leggings but for anyone who wants some really cool ones try My friend got some amazing ones from there.
On the topic of legwear, I want to see a resurgence of knee-high or thigh-high socks! They were huge in London's last winter season and are a quirky (and warmer) alternative to the everyday stocking/legging.
Loving the knit jumper, beanie and combat boots combination - bring on the cold!

Laura said...

You know Em, I was thinking about those thigh-high socks but I just can't help think that they remind me of something you would wear to a "tarty" fancy dress party. I've seen them at uni and I just keep thinking either that or Gossip Girl (where they can get away with dressing like that).

Thanks for the leggings link :) I too am quite looking forward to winter layering!