Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Diary

I don't think I have ever collected so much stuff that I could be considered a hoarder. Sure there were phases - try the Mary Kate and Ashley obsession when I was about 10 where I had everything from their cherry-print bedspread, to posters on my wall, to their crimson velvet flared pants, complete with a suede criss-cross fastener on the front (was that a mouthful, or what?!) On a completely different note, I've also kept every single letter/postcard/birthday card since I was about four, an obsession I'm glad I've kept because there's nothing better than finding hand written notes from my Grandma given to me when I was learning how to write myself.

I suppose you can be considered a hoarder when you collect stuff you don't reallllly need, but that you can't bear to throw out. That being said, I suppose I could be considered the diary hoarder.

Now I don't mean the "Dear Diary" type of diaries that the title of this post might suggest. I've never kept a journal, and although I think Lizzie McGuire inspired me to create my own in grade 5 (it was one of those techno password journals that you had to speak to in order to open it up), I was so embarrassed upon reading the melodramas I'd written in it years later that I made sure it was torn into un-readable pieces and thrown in the bin.

No, I'm talking about those things you write your schedules in. The to-do lists, friend's birthdays, due dates - you know the type. Now before you roll your eyes and go "oh she's one of those boring types!", I would rather like to think of myself just as someone who thrives on organisation. Without sounding like a complete weirdo, I truly love the feeling when I can cross something off, and I know I'm not the only one (remember the satisfaction when you crossed off your completed exams during the HSC?)

I'm onto my fifth diary for this year because I just haven't settled on the right type (one was a cheap little one I used before I was able to pick up a uni diary which ended up being unsuitable anyway, one had a day per page meaning I couldn't see the week as a whole, and another was a compendium that was too bulky for my handbag). Who would have thought I'd end up settling on one that cost 50c? Though admittedly I did purchase it when we were already halfway through the year.

So after this long winded ramble, I suppose I should get to the heart of the matter. I've owned a school diary ever since Year 2 and although many wouldn't have a clue where their school diaries are (and didn't know even whilst we were still at school), I just can't chuck these hard covered babies in the bin - even if my busiest day in Year 2 resembled this...

And the lead up to Easter was spent productively doing this...

To be fair though, the majority of my diary looked like this by the end of high school...

Are you a hoarder of something? Why is it we can so readily throw some things out, yet we can't throw completely useless objects in the bin? The fact that I need more wardrobe space should be a big enough motivator in itself!

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ChloeAlice said...

Love the pictures of the diaires- I totally did that every spring too, and my diary looked much the same. What a trip down memory lane.