Thursday, September 15, 2011

Springtime through a camera lens (well, an iPhone to be exact)

I have been terribly slack with this blogging business lately, and although this won't be a very long post, I've followed what seems to be a blogging trend and posting photos I've taken using the Instagram app on my iPhone - makes even the worst photo look instantly "arty"!

Emma and I had lots of fun on our lunch break today at interning trying to take as many arty photos as we could. Here are just some, and as the title suggests, you really can sense the start of spring in the air. It was a little bit cold to start with, but soaking up the sun at lunch was so good - was definitely hard going back to the office, away from the beautiful sunshine.

I will post something properly soon as I'm on a short break now, and I can see I'm still getting page hits (so please keep coming back!)

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