Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday madness!

My birthday was almost two weeks ago so I'm a bit slow with the uploading, but I honestly had the best day in Manly with two of my best gals, Bethany and Kathy (also known as the two who I am often mistaken for and vice versa - even was the case with our parents when we played tennis at school together!)

I couldn't have asked for anything better. We had a beautiful, sunny day set out for us as we caught the ferry over and spent a good couple of hours in the sun, indulging in some very delicious pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

I'll post some photos below, but speaking of sun, with summer fast approaching, I thought I might spruce up my blog a bit and update the layout. It's a little different but I'm hoping it'll encourage me to keep posting over the upcoming summer. As much as I love Audrey, I thought the header needed to be a bit more original, so the image is a classic one I drew with watercolour pencils.

Also on that note, Bethany and I will be starting a shared blog with photographs taken over the upcoming break. Although I will be very busy undertaking two fantastic internships, I definitely plan to fit a lot in during the evenings (thank goodness for daylight saving!) and weekends. So stay tuned!

My Greek twinnie Kathy :)

We look similar, right?

Bethany being the adventurer that she is!

AMAZING pizzas at Hugos

I think the photo speaks for itself...

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