Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SANDALS (featuring some lessons I've learnt already this summer)

With the warmer days upon us, I've been on the search for the ultimate summer sandal. As the above photo demonstrates, I managed to break my favourite pair of tan coloured sandals (let that be a lesson not to dance in them in the back street!) And to top it off, I had only just broken them in and started to avoid the inevitable blisters on the back of my heels.

As I'm going to be working a fair bit this summer, I needed some shoes that would work for both the office, as well as out and about in the town over Christmas and New Year.

I'm still on the hunt for a pair of leopard-print gladiators, but in the meantime, here's what I've managed to find.

First things first, here are my lovely new pair of golden flats that I bought off Urban Outfitters. I was a bit nervous as I've never bought shoes off the internet before because you usually need to try them on, but thank goodness, they're a perfect fit and extremely comfortable too. They also remind me a bit of the golden Jiffies I used to have when I was younger!

As mentioned, I need a bit more officey-type shoes as well. These shoes were very soft and practical because you can wear them with basically everything.

For those days where I would like to tower above all my friends (please grow taller friends. I'm not even tall but you make me look tall), I've got some cream canvas wedges with cork-style soles.

And the most inexpensive of all, a pair of tribal-style sandals that add a bit of colour to any outfit.

Speaking of the summer break, I've already managed to fit in a number of things of which I've learnt some valuable lessons:

1. Learn to ride your bike in the correct gear. Obliviously riding for a while in the incorrect gear can make things verrrrrry difficult.

2. Geese are very large and very intimidating when you're trying to eat a picnic.

3. Wear a full piece instead of a bikini in a beach renowned for dumping waves or you'll prioritise keeping your top up over actually swimming.

But back to the real issue at stake - have you found your perfect summer sandal yet?

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