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The longest blogpost ever feat. Field Day and sunnies


Saying that just emphasises how long it's been since I've written a blogpost - "My last blogpost was last year!"... you know how it goes.

Anywho I hope the holiday season treated you well. For those of us in Sydney, we've finally been delivered the hot summer we've been craving (though for some it's come a little too late as we sit back at our office desks).

To make up for my quiet NYE in (yep, at 19, I stayed home and watched a movie on TV but even worse, I actually enjoyed it), I was lucky enough to spend my New Year's Day amongst the crowds at Field Day in the Domain with my lovely journalicious friend Frances.

Normally I don't go to these sorts of things. In fact, that's a bit of a lie. I've never been to one of these sorts of things (i.e. a dance/music festival) and I think that's largely the reason why I won the VIP double pass from Pedestrian as they felt a bit sorry for me. Yep, that's right - VIPs! It was extremely exciting to have one something so sought after - I'd tested my winning streak (having won two other items that week - weird I know!) and it was highly entertaining when I got the email that I'd won them.

So whilst I knew only about 4 songs from the entire day, it was so fun to groove away in the scorching heat and know that I'd done something a bit out of the ordinary to welcome in the new year. Frances and I also decided that another one of the perks of these sorts of events is that it's highly unlikely that you'll run into anyone you know (though saying that, being the cool kid that she is, she did), so you can dance like a madman because they're randoms that won't see you again. It's also a very non-judgmental sort of place seeing everyone else is dancing like a loon anyway, so I imagine you'd be looked upon as highly suspicious if you didn't go along with it.

To set the scene, I felt highly conservative in my white t-shirt, floral shorts that definitely covered my backside and floppy hat (does that say anything about the lack of clothes at festival events?) as we entered the gates, but being the sensible duck that I am at the ripe old age of 19, I knew that burns are a painful affair. And ta-da, through slip-slop-slapping, I avoided any burning on the first day of the new year.

Frances and I in the VIP section at Field Day 2012!

I'll also just add (yeah, I mean shamelessly brag) before I get onto the main part of this post that I've never been a VIP before and although I probably wouldn't have been that impressed if I'd actually paid $230 for my ticket, it was SO exciting having them.

First of all, although there were huge sweaty crowds full of hipster youngens as we walked to the gates... don't worry, stress less! We saw the "VIP" entrance and were ushered straight through. We also were proudly given the rare black wristband as opposed to all the other purple ones (something we liked to compare to everyone walking by), had a separate bar/eating area to chill at away from the crowds with gender-separate bathrooms that were actually toilets (unlike the unisex unstable cubicles that felt like they were going to fall over any minute with the loud beat of the music) AND our own separate area to watch the centre stage where you had room to move (although many of you would say, mosh pits are arguably the point of going to a festival. Point taken.)

As Frances tweeted, while Calvin Harris played "Feel So Close" we were ironically 100m back BUT it was nevertheless awesome (it truly was) to be able to flash your black wristband at the security guard and get nodded into the area.

(...I just realised how massive this post is getting but I will continue. I'm almost at my point.)

So fashion-conscious wise, how does this relate to anything? Well I have previously written (well, ranted) about festival-fashions going too far. The main fashion-related thing I noticed that day was how many people were wearing sunglasses. You might be saying "Oh derrr! It was a scorcher of a day!" but I don't think I've ever seen so many pairs of sunglasses. Even Frances said from our VIP box (I just love writing that), try spot someone without sunglasses, which we inevitably did but her point was still very true.

My other memory of sunglasses that day was about a comment from a guy (who looked very much like Troy from Beauty and the Geek) who, in his "chilled-out voice", said to a girl sitting next to us, "Guys just aren't interested in girls who are wearing sunglasses! Likeeeeeee, it just tells me they aren't interested in talking to us." Well awkward for him, because nearly every girl there (and there were thousands) was wearing sunglasses in some shape or form.

SO, what I'm trying to say is that you'll be needing some sunglasses this summer! I used to hate wearing them (the same was with hats, which I wrote about last summer - gosh I sound like I just hated any form of sun protection!) because I felt like they blocked out too much of my vision, except for those cool thin-rimmed metallic-red sunglasses I had when I was 5 that matched my Tweety Bird hat. Don't laugh because I'm pretty sure we all had a pair at some stage or another.

You'll more than likely need to go into a shop to try on some different styles to see what suits your face, because if you don't, they can come across as quite an amusing joke. I'll let you on on a little secret (that I've told a bunch of people but shhh.) Personally, mine look like joke-ones if they aren't big enough. My ears are a little, well, lopsided so my sunglasses tend to do the same, and then it's all "Oh hey there awkward left-eyebrow-popping-up-that-looks-as-though-you're-constantly-raising-your-eyebrow-at-me."

For me, the general jokester sunnies are these $300 Prada frames that every girl from here, there and everywhere seems to ADORE. Each to their own of course, but I can't be the only one hearing this over and over again in my head when I look at them.

For the girls, here are my top 3 picks:

1. Cat-eyed

They're the new rage, let's face it. I myself have slight cat-eyed frames but I'm keen to go the whole way and buy ones like these $16 ones from Urban Outfitters.

2. Round and 60s

I know, I know. They're the same bug-eyed, Willy Wonka reminscent type as the Prada ones, BUT for one thing, they are missing that crazy loopy thing on the sides. And who doesn't want a little bit of chocolate cheer in their lives? I sure do and I'm actually dying to buy these. Also from Urban Outfitters for $16.

3. The inbetweeeners

So you can't decide if you need square or round to suit your face? Well I quite like these Sportsgirl ones ($39.99) that are right in the middle.

And I haven't forgotten the boys! Although I did obtain the help of some friends because I was really quite clueless.

1. Wayfarer Raybans - Ryan's pick

They're classics. And as Ryan says, they make sure everyone knows he's in a band. Men, take note of this. You may not be able to strum a guitar or rock a beat on a drum, but the ladies think you will if you simply wear some of these. Yay! (NB: Ryan IS actually in a band - The Stringsmiths - you can check them out here!)

2. Gunmetal frames (I had no idea what to call these so this sounds nice) - Marcus' pick

I think these are a very apt choice because a) you can look sportscar-owner cool (or as Marcus says, resemble Bono) and b) they are actually GOOD FOR YOUR EYES! This is something I think we tend to forget in choosing cool sunnies, but they're meant to protect your eyes, not damage them. Very good choice indeed Marcus (Marcus also has the Football Innit Podcast that he co-produces/presents with Michael, Gina and Angelo, so you should also click away and find their page here, because it's entertaining even if you're not a football fan.)

3. The aviators - Tom Cruise's choice

And the epitome of cool, aviators. And let me just say, my dad was wearing these long before they became a "fashion-staple" so just remember that.

And so we come to the end of my highly interactive, exhaustingly-long post. It's my attempt to keep my writing juices flowing.

What did you do on New Years Eve? Did anyone go to Field Day? What sunnies are your pick? Give me answers!

One more thing! You didn't think you could escape that easily, did you? :) CHECK OUT FRANCES' BLOG, appropriately titled frankass In all honesty, it's very funny and gives you a much needed dose of entertainment on important/whacky/random/informative topics.

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