Monday, June 11, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: I'm back!

At long last, I'm back here blogging again. The past few months have just been absolutely crazy but I'm finally on holidays. Every uni assignment completed and seven lovely months as Yahoo!7 Lifestyle's intern finished (if you're interested in the blog I was doing for them, you can check out my posts here).

Until I get back into proper blogging, here is just a small (...actually, large) photo diary of some of the things I've been up to.

FASHION! While at Yahoo!7, I was extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to attend some fantastic fashion shows, such as...

David Jones' Autumn/Winter show (I wrote a review here)

Miranda Kerr leading the show

I got to chat to Montana Cox - one of the winners of Australia's Next Top Model

Some Napoleon Perdis products from the DJs goodie bag

Fashion Weekend Sydney - this was just on recently (more pics and my review are here)

Models wearing Talulah to finish the parade

LIFEwithBIRD 10 year anniversary show - unfortunately I missed all of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as I was sick, but I did make it for the LIFEwithBIRD show the week before (more pics here)

Before the LIFEwithBIRD show started in the Utzon Room at the Opera House

Love Vintage show - Eleanor and I went along to this. Although the things were a little out of my price range, they were an absolute feast for my eyes - who doesn't love a bit (or a LOT) of vintage sparkle? (review and pics are here)

FOOD! I don't have the greatest knowledge of food but I was also given the opportunity to expand this with some yummy invites, such as:

Food Producer's Forum - this was definitely one of the best events that I went to - it was all about using Australian produce in some delicious recipes, and I even ate the fish! (more pics and review are here).

The lunch was held at Westfield Sydney's Quarter Twenty One

The chocolate mousse to finish off the feast - yum!

Bruno's Downstairs at Hunky Dory Social Club - such a fun night with one of my best buds Kathy. We probably didn't "small-talk" as much as my mum instructed us to, but we nevertheless had a very fun night, enjoying some outdoor music in the club upstairs before delving into an extraordinarily delicious menu for dinner downstairs (more pics and review are here).

One of the many dishes - haloumi with roasted peppers

O&M Breakfast to launch new mineral CCT colour line - technically this was a beauty event, but with a breakfast by the renowned Michael Moore high up above the city in Australia Square, this definitely fits under my list of foodie highlights.

Mmmmm... breakfast!

Definitely the best presented hair kit I've ever seen!

SOCIAL! In between all of this "work" I did also manage a number of fun outings with friends, including...

Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum - a group of us set off to the Australian Museum for the Jurassic Lounge. Basically it was like Night at the Museum except being a "lounge", people were free to roam with drinks in tow (a bit of a worry when you think you could go right up to their taxidermied animals). Besides seeing everything up close, they also had a few fun activities set up. While we weren't quite as "hipster" as the guys playing Connect-Four, we did manage to rock out a few tunes on Rock Band, though admittedly Lilly and I did struggle a bit, only figuring out after Bohemian Rhapsody that we were meant to be pressing the drum pedal as well. Oops!

T-rex at the Australian Museum during a night at the Jurassic Lounge

Bondi Open Air Cinema - Frances and I also went to the Bondi Open Air Cinema to see Melancholia. It was a pretty cool set-up (mind you, it was absolutely FREEZING when the sun went down) and thinking about the movie just gives me the creeps, but Frances did a review on it here with some pics, so you should have a look if you're interested!

Dancing - unfortunately I had to give up my beloved Irish dancing earlier this year due to a niggling foot injury that just didn't seem to want to leave, but I was able to try out a ballet class at Sydney Dance Company with my friend Eleanor. This was an absolute beginners class (not even kidding - that's what it's called) but there were people there fully suited up in leotards and ballet shoes! I was a bit of a struggler with all the feet positions at the barre (and Eleanor and I got a few bouts of giggles) but I must say, Irish dancing over the years did give me a bit of a kickstart when it came to leg kick things and these leapy combinations across the room. 

These old Irish dancing shoes have seen better days

The view as Eleanor and I set off for our class

And like truly mad people, we ran up these sets of stairs after = unable to walk the next day

Castlecomer - while I wasn't able to dance at St Patrick's Day, it was great to be able to go along and watch. This also meant seeing the music acts, during which Castlecomer performed. They're a group of cousins + a close friend, and my goodness, do they have talent! I was so impressed that I rigged my friend Catherine into coming with me to see them at the Gaelic Club. I'll post a video here of them because they are the perfect blend of genres and sound incredible. 

Castlecomer performing at the St Patrick's Day parade

Cat and I grabbed a yummy dinner of Thai before the gig

Castlecomer's song "Seeing Her Tonight"

Valentine's Day (also known as Forever Alone Day) - only kidding about that last part, but three of my gal pals and I weren't going to dwell on that, and instead, indulged ourselves in some chocolate fondue at the Chocolate Room. No one's complaining here! I also didn't feel completely unloved - I scored a freebie gift from Lush Cosmetics for the day, so we'll just pretend that was from someone ;)

Chocolate fondue involving banana, wafers, strawberries and marshmallows!

My pity gift from Lush?

Mercedes Benz Driving Academy - can I just say, this day was SO much fun. I was a bit nervous about going because I didn't really know what to expect, but I was joined by 5 other p-platers to drive very fast cars (and expensive!) for the day. Usually they have about 30 for the course, but with only 6 there, we got a lot of one-on-one attention and had extra time just to do laps in basically any of the cars there we wanted (minus the SLS!) Fast cars aside, we learnt about what to do when you need to emergency brake at 100km an hour. Thinking about it, I think it's ridiculous we're never taught this before we get our license, because unless you actually try it in a practise situation, does anyone really know what they'd do if they had to immediately brake when going along a freeway? We also got to do slides with the slick tyres and wet ground, and even got to drive a Smart car, all the way to an actual truck! I was also very excited to be able to fulfil my childhood dream of driving a silver convertible. If you ever have the opportunity to do one of these sorts of things, I would highly recommend it. You really learn first-hand about what to do in certain situations and how a car will respond.

In the silver convertible - ahhh!

Foodie delight - and just some general food outings, one of which involved a Grill'd burger (oh my god, those burgers are DIVINE) and an apple crumble pizza!

Apple crumble pizza!

Genuinely excited to start munching on this Grill'd "Summer Sunset" burger

A 21st - I was also lucky enough to be invited to the gorgeous Roisin's 21st birthday, which was a fantastic night and lots of fun to be able to catch up with friends from dancing.

My outfit - attempt at channelling vintage Dior?

Funtimes aside, I did do a fair chunk of uni work, which I am now happy to say, has been COMPLETED for semester one of this year. Halfway through the degree, I really don't know where the year has gone, but stay tuned because I may have some travel updates in store for you verrrrry soon.

Thank god for coffee!


landofdreem said...

Looks like you've been up to so much!!

Frances Mao said...

Perfect round-up post!! You're so right, these months really have flown by.