Sunday, June 17, 2012

TRAVEL: London Love

I am writing this post just as we sit aboard the Eurostar train, ready to leave for Paris. The past couple of days have been so incredible. To say we were tired after arriving on the long flights is an understatement but nevertheless, we have managed to fit so much in. On our first day, we had a look around The Thames, went on a double decker bus tour of London and went inside St Paul's Cathedral, which I can honestly say is one of the most beautiful building structures in the world - well from what I've seen! If you get the chance, it's so surreal to be finally able to see the Mary Poppins iconic location in person. Yesterday and the day before I was lucky enough to spend it with my one of my closest school friends Sarah, who lives over here. First day was mainly shopping on Oxford St and an authentic pub lunch upon my request. Topshop was a disappointment but H&M was pretty cool - I could buy my whole wardrobe in there! Yesterday we had a look around Leicester Square (the mini version of Times Square), had coffee in a cute little sidelane coffee shop when the rain set in, discovered Forever 21 and went for a walk in Hyde Park. Best of all, we found MnMs World - it is possible to dedicate four entire floors to chocolate you know! Weather has been mostly blue skies here with a couple of showers - it's still so cold though! I've included some snaps to give you an idea, but until Paris, adios amigos!

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Mrs. Sutton said...

Great images of London, which was my home until 2 years ago. Lovely to see the City looking so handsome and through someone else's eye. Nicely done.
Paula x