Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TRAVEL: Italia part ONE

Unlike my previous posts, I'm not writing this while still on holiday. In fact, those who know me will know I made my way back into Sydney two weeks ago. I guess the rest of the trip was just a little too exciting to keep blogging during!

I am going to include some excerpts from a travel journal I wrote while I was away. While it is extremely embarrassing to admit I was scrawling away my thoughts away in a little brown book (though it isn't really that different to having a blog...) I am SO glad that I did. I thought I'd be forever terrified of the concept after re-reading one I'd written in year 5 and consequently tearing it into a million pieces a year later from embarrassment, but sometimes photos just aren't enough to remind you of the funny quirks and details of your trip. Anyhow, here goes!