Sunday, December 23, 2012

Summer bedroom makeover

From what I've heard, it seems like now's the time for bedroom makeovers - myself included. Nothing too drastic, but it's clear that my choice as a 12-year-old for Barbie-pink walls isn't as long-term as I initially thought.

First thing's first, the room will need a repaint. Below is a photo of just some of the paint samples that I found. You really do need to get a balance right though - I want a clean white that isn't too bright, but isn't too yellow or green in hue either. At this stage, I'm thinking Dulux's "Whisper White" or "Natural White". Taubmans also has more of a beige-y one that I like called "Irish Cream".

Who knew there were so many shades of white?
Aside from the paint, a few extra things I'm thinking of:

  • Replacing my dressing table with either a white tallboy chest of drawers or a long, low-lying long white cabinet. I would then like to get a black-framed mirror to put above it (IKEA has one in particular that I like).
  • Placing some black and white photographs in some black frames on my wall and/or finding a piece of canvas art that I can also put up on the wall.
  • Getting new blinds or venetians (my current blinds are pretty old and the colour isn't the nicest).
  • Putting a few extra pieces of decor on my desk, as well as getting a new white desk chair.
  • Having a vase for a big bunch of fresh flowers!
Although these aren't all photos of bedrooms, here are some interiors that I am drawing inspiration from. I hope I'm not the only one who is addicted to looking up photos of lovely homes and interiors on Pinterest and Tumblr!

Love the colour balance (keeps a light and airy room), the picture frames and the vase of stunning flowers.

The desk chair, the "inspiration board" and the low-lying cabinet along the side.

Particularly like the white tallboy chest of drawers.

The desk chair again - and even the filing trays on the desk!
The white chest of drawers with the black frame above it - for me this would ideally be a mirror.
And this one is just because it's pretty :)


landofdreem said...

I'm absolutely obsessed with the white desk in the second picture! It seems like every interior image which I like features it! It's the Parsons desk from West Elm which is unfortunately too impractical for me to get. I love the last image, especially the coat stand.

Laura said...

Thanks for your comment Dreem :) I love that desk too and agree it's basically in every photo of an interior! So impractical for me too - far too small - but lovely nevertheless.

landofdreem said...

I'm going to get the Ikea Melltorp dining table instead :)