Wednesday, January 16, 2013

50th Post: Room Makeover

Clockwise starting from top left: 1. New IKEA clock, 2. New chest of drawers and mirror, 3. B&W print of my floor rug, 4. B&W print of my bedspread.
A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how I was giving my room a bit of a makeover. There was nothing drastically wrong - I am very lucky to have a lovely room with lots of space. However, I'd grown out of the pink walls I'd so dearly loved when I was 12, and some of the furniture was getting a bit outdated. 

So with a very dedicated dad who repainted my entire room (including walls, fireplace, skirting boards, picture rails, door AND ceiling!) and an exciting trip to IKEA (if you haven't bought your lunch from there before, it truly is a futuristic experience, ha!), I present to you my new room.


When colours were being decided. Who knew there were so many different options for white?

Excuse the mess of clothes on my bed... oops!

The main differences in my "new" room include: 

  • New wall colour - I have high ceilings so the lighter colour really helps to open it up.
  • New white chest of draws and black-framed square mirror to replace an old dressing table.
  • Repositioning of chair and desk - just swapped them around so my chair is the perfect window-spot for a lazy Sunday afternoon read!
I sincerely don't know where so much of the clutter went - I'm wondering if I somehow lost some items somewhere along the way - but what I do know is that I LOVE waking up in this bright, clean and breezy room every morning :)


And just 'coz I still believe books are even better when they have pretty covers :)


Sim said...

Lau, I love it, especially the awesome reading corner. Looks so comfy! x

Selene said...

lovely post!

I would like to inform you I'm changing blog! you can find me here...