Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday night fun: Luna Park

Remember when you were 12 and thought you were far too big for the "Wild Mouse"? Well add another 8 years and you're definitely too big. Big to the extent that you're genuinely concerned you'll go flying off into the waters of the harbour.

Having one of our closest school friends back in Sydney for the winter has meant a we've all been rediscovering Sydney. To celebrate her birthday, a group of us went to Luna Park on a Friday night. It's hard to see each other when we're all working/studying different courses in different places, but going here was literally like a blast to the past.

Armed with unlimited ride passes, we took on everything. Never ever think you're too old for anything. We were laughing hysterically on every single ride.

Hot dogs by the water. Photo by Bethany.

Photo by Bethany.